Roadmap of progress

  • An idea was born

    To create a digital space where person would experience peace and prosperity, without losing connection with nature.

  • Creation of setting

    An environment without any human intervention. Based on best clicker games. Being is a tree still looked crazy.

  • Concept was decided

    To be a game about a tree. It will suerly put a lot of pressure for gaming mechanics, but will stand out if executed correctly.

  • Market evaluation

    Discovery of potential competitors and best ideas that exist and are popular

  • Game mechanics created

    Framework for gameplay mechanics and overall game feelings

  • MVP Compete

    Main game mechanis without any looks

  • Artwork was added

    with help of Anna Pavlova, game started to appear better.

  • Game balance finished

    A mechanism for game mechanics evaluation was created and implemented in the game

  • First version complete

  • Monetization and analytics added

  • Release to AppStore

  • To be continued..