our mission

The organization

The main idea for organization and project in general is to create a mobile game that will stand in one row with other masterpieces on this relatively new market. Earning money is not a priority, but its the only way to spread the word and increace audience reach.

Charity is my main goal, as 50% of all profits will be directed to environmental organizations around the world to tackle issues like deforestation and pollution.

As of right now, launching a product is a main priority as a means to establish company with employees.

The project

Main goal is to create a place of peace for everyone glued to their screens, but desperately in need of dopamine detox. Meaning that game will suit a players playstyle, not forcing him to one or the other. The game will not provide mandatory microtransactions to progress in his own pace. No flashy commercials or video interruptions is allowed. Act of playing a game is a journey that should not be interrupted by greed.

Being able to spectate a sight of nature is something we as a species are losing in the evergrowing pace of digital life.